About Us



My name is Tony Locke. I am the senior minister at the First Presbyterian Church of Tucker GA — ARP.

I built our church website and discovered I enjoyed it. I am now offering to build websites for free for any non-profit that asks.

You can learn more at SuccessinService

Why this website?

I built this website for the ARP Magazine. They decided it wasn’t what they wanted. I was given permission to use it as I wish, as long as I remove the ARP logo and post that it is not Synod’s website. Synod is ARPChurch.org

So what is my vision?

God has placed in my heart a strong desire to build the ARP brand on the internet with multiple websites that serve to build our communication and fellowship. I will be utilizing ARPChurch.com, ARPChurch.us and ARPChurch.co to carry out my vision.

My energies will first be invested in ARPChurch.com where I am working to create a website that will try to connect all ARP Church sites, Agency sites, and Blogs.

Want to post a sermon? Send it to me. Want to post your own favorite blog post? Send it to me. Want to post opinions, calendar events, camp schedules or programs? Send it all to WebDevelopment@ARPChurch.com I will post it first chance I get.

For those who are asking, and many have, I will abandon these efforts for a greater good if one is implemented by Synod. I have communicated this to Central Services in a letter and by phone. Any of my domains are theirs for the asking, for free, if it serves to support their plans.

My vision is to have one place to go for all denominational activity and information. I recreate the content and then spread it all over the social media. This web domain will be a friendly place. Hardcore controversy will be redirected to other blogs or someone else’s Facebook page. I will work hard to keep this a happy place.

How can you help support my vision?

Building a one stop shop for all ARP online information is a huge project. I can’t do this alone. I need help.

If you will offer to provide me a Presbytery PDF of Minutes, Manual of Procedures, Agenda, etc, then I will give you a One Year Membership on this site. Just send the information to WebDevelopment@ARPChurch.com

I also need “sermon feeds” off ARP church websites. You can also ask for your church website administrator to e-mail me the weekly sermon or mp3 so I can include it in this forum. MP3 will not be hosted here as the memory is limited, but I will link back to your uploaded MP3.  I will host large MP3 files for a reasonable fee.

I need help creating a catechism study quiz, a monthly mission chat, and other community building activities. Let me know if you want to help. I need help.

Blessings to you and may God bless the unity and connectionalism of the ARP church.

Sincerely, Tony Locke
Pastor and web-design guy.


P.S. For any minister or agency leader that asks I will provide a free annual membership.